DJ Producer Dutch International

Music has always been the theme of Eric Santana `s life. At age 15 he started his DJ career as he accidently found a mixer in the closet of his big brother. He bought two turntables, some vinyl and start experimenting. This resulted quickly in bookings with long-time friend DJ Chuckie. Under the name DJ Rhythm he spinned every weekend throughout the Netherlands. At that time he is just 17 years old. After some time, Eric decided to move to his mother country Surinam. After a few years there, the music virus re-emerged and he moved back to the Netherlands. He discovers his love for house music and starts producing. Eric wants to start fresh and changes his name into Eric Santana. Because of his urban background, Eric can spin music like no other.Whereas many other DJs with an urban background spin house like it`s urban, quick mixes and with a lot of effects, Eric transformed into an accomplished house DJ, spinning house music like it`s supposed to be: smooth transitions with a lot of energy.

Surinam (Dirty Dutch / Lustig Festival), Bulgaria (Sofia, Chervilo Club), Sweden (club Sliver), Egypt (Pataya beach club) and Switzerland (the Indigo Venue) are only a few countries where Eric has been allowed to exhibit his musical skills.

In the Netherlands he played at concepts such as Crazyland (Hemkade, resident, GLAM (Escape Venue Amsterdam, resident) Sexed Up (Thalia Lounge Rotterdam, resident), Flight 2 (Paard van Troje, The Hague), Pleasure Party (Ahoy Rotterdam), 5th Avenue (Supperclub , Supperclub Cruise, Marcanti Amsterdam) and various events in the Hague.

Spinnin` Records, Selekted Music, CR2 records and Dirty Dutch have also discovered the talent of Eric and already released several tracks on their prestigious labels.Gregor Salto recently promised to release the track `Can` t Hold It No More 'feat. Celine, at his new label Moganga. The latest hits of Eric have been released on the Dirty Dutch label of DJ Chuckie, 'Bongo' feat. Wood Nox and `Listen`: