NEW ERIC SANTANA TRACK & BIBI Savanah "Move On" on Itunes!

Eric Santana has released his new Track on Itunes Click Here to get in now.

05.12.11 by Eric

Release PARTY Eric Santana & Bibi Savanah

The Official Release party of the "Move on" track will be on Wensday 7th of December 2011 in CLUB SEVEN. Come see BIBI and ERIC exclusively LIVE in The Hague!!!

Line up:

Eric Santana, DJ`s Tony Star, The Outsiders, Wood Nox en MC Dimitri Nikita.

05.12.11 by Eric

Eric Santana makes hit single “Move On” with Dutch reality star Bibi (Oh Oh Cherso)

During his summertour in Crete, Eric joined forces with Dutch reality star Bibi, known from the hit show “Oh Oh Cherso”. An instant hit was born as soon as they hit the studio. In less than a week Eric produced the track and the vocals were recorded right on the spot. You can see the result in Oh Oh Cherso. Make sure you tune in to RTL 5 on Tuesday November the 1st and the 22nd starting from 20.30

01.11.11 by Eric

Eric Santana on Dutch TV program “Koffietijd”

For the track “Move On” Eric teamed up with Dutch reality star Bibi. She was asked to do an interview for the program “Koffietijd”, where she talked for the first time in public about the collaboration. Bibi talks about the track starting from 19min. You can watch the whole episode via this link

14.09.11 by Eric

Eric Santana releases another track on Dirty Dutch Records

DJ Chuckie hand picked another track from Eric Santana & Wood Nox to release on his own label, Dirty Dutch Records. The track “Bongo” will be released on the Dirty Dutch Digital album 4. Click on the following link to buy the track.

14.09.11 by Eric